Notice on registration for CET 46 in 2016 June

All related postgraduate training units:

In June 2016, the National College English Test Band Four and six began in March 16th. In order to ensure the online registration work smoothly, the requirements of the relevant postgraduate training unit attaches great importance to carry out the organization and propaganda work, timely notice of the registration conditions of the students to complete the registration within a specified period of time.

Special notice: 46 class registration is completed by graduate management information system, please apply for graduate students must be within the specified time to complete and determine my registration information, and through the system to pay registration fees. Graduate school no longer unified registration fee deduction.

一、Examination time

At 09:00-11:20 am on June 18th, English four

June 18th morning 09:00-11:10   Japanese four, German four, Russian four, French four

June 18th p.m. 15:00-17:25   English six

At 15:00-17:10 pm on June 18th, Japanese six, German six, Russian six

Note: since the examination, to adjust CET4 and CET6 listening questions, adjusted CET4 listening time is 25 minutes, ending time to adjust to the 9:00-11:20 test; CET6 listening time is still 30 minutes, the test time constant. See the National College English Test Band 46 for specific questions

二、Period arrangement (must pass the registration, the confirmation of information, on-line payment three stages, personal information must be accurate, complete, otherwise the registration is invalid)

1、Online registration and payment: from 17:00 March 16th to 17:00 March 23rd;

2、Registration system closed, no longer accept registration applications.

三、Registration requirements

School full-time graduate students can apply for the CET4, has passed CET4 or scores 425 points (including 425 points) above the CET6; all candidates, four, six and shall report, and report the cancellation of the qualification registration fee is not refundable. My students if the registration examination in school, social class at school, the results will not be recognized.

According to the relevant work arrangement, the Weihai campus graduate student does not sign up through the management information system, the specific registration matters please consult the Weihai campus related department.

四、Registration process

1、Landing graduate management information system, click on "training management - courses and courses - CET examination registration" for the 46 level registration;

2、Select the type of registration after confirmation;

3、Enter the confirmation interface and confirm this application;

4、Pay。 After confirming the registration, according to the system display, click "campus card payment", enter the campus card online self-service platform for payment.

(1)Select login type "learning number", enter the campus card account, enter my query password, enter the verification code;

(2)I checked into the interface, accurate information, click on the bottom right of information, generate new orders ", click" prompt payment ", click" enter the new transaction process, new "click" next ", check the correct input password and click" confirm the payment transaction";

(3)Payment shows that the transaction is successful.

5、Return the registration interface, the application will display the registration time, registration type and payment (please return the registration interface view registration), prompted to complete the registration fee, has said the successful registration.

Hint: please sign the registration interface to see if the application has been successful after registration. The system will automatically delete the registration data which has not been confirmed on the day of registration.

五、Charging mode

Through the campus card online self-service platform, enrollment, students pay their own registration fee 32 yuan. In this phase, 360 browsers (compatible mode) are recommended for online operation. The registration has not been paid in time, and this registration is invalid.

六、Matters needing attention

1、Qualification: I must be in school full-time graduate students (not including documents postgraduate); through the CET4 grade or score 425 points (including 425 points) above can be reported to the CET6 level; no register for four grade and six grade, or cancel the qualification registration fee is not refundable.

2、Registration information: must sign up through the system, otherwise this application is deemed invalid.

3、After payment, registration data will not be deleted. Please be careful to confirm whether to sign up for payment or not.

4、If the system shows "no final confirmation, invalid registration", which means there is no final confirmation, please make the final confirmation by modifying the registration information before the registration deadline! Otherwise, this application is deemed invalid!




                                                                                                                                                                                Graduate School Training Office

                                                                                                                                                                                    March 16, 2016

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