Notice on mid-term screening of MBA

The Graduate School of the University"As for the requirements for the study of the mid-term screening of master's degree " we hereby notify you of the arrangements for the mid-term assessment of MBA master's degree:


Class 2014, class 2, class 3, class 4, class 2015 and class 1 are students

二、Assessment content

(一)Examination form: closed written examination

(二)Assessment subjects: (1) professional English (2) management synthesis

(三)Those who have passed the examination will enter the preparatory stage for the master's degree thesis; and those who have failed the examination shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of the interim screening method (for Trial Implementation) of the master's degree postgraduates at Shandong University.

三、 Graduate students should be in the mid-term screening before the completion of the opening report, and submit a report on the relevant information in the management information system (training management the mid-term examination (screening) - submitted a report). The title of the audit through 6 months before it is submitted for the respondent. Failure to submit the application for defense because of failure to enter and view the audit results on time, the responsibility shall be paid.

四、Time arrangement:

Prepared in May 21, 2016 18:30-20:30 examination, specific locations and examination arrangements will be announced, please involve students seriously prepared to participate in the examination on time. And the "Shandong University master's degree graduate interim screening registration form" relevant parts completed, printed on the front and back to the examination room.

The mid-term screening is an important link in the cultivation of graduate students, graduate students is a comprehensive examination before work into the dissertation, the graduate students must attach great importance to carefully prepared, ensure the mid-term screening work smoothly.

MBA Education Centre

April 26, 2016

  Registration form of mid-term screening for Postgraduates of master's degree at Shandong University(1).doc

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