Notice on the 2015 MBA choose tutor and thesis proposal related matters

2015 half full-time MBA students:

In accordance with the requirements of MBA training, 2015 MBA students choose part-time tutor and entered the dissertation stage.

一、Selected newspaper Supervisor

1.How to choose the newspaper: to choose the newspaper supervisor, adopt the way of "two-way choice, college co-ordination". In accordance with the research directions of their own papers (see Annex 1), the trainees made a preliminary declaration. The maximum number of tutors available for each student is 3(Supervisor list See attachment 2 ),The Institute will, in accordance with the principle of "each tutor with the same grade MBA students not more than 8 people, master of engineering students not more than 8 people, if both sides, with a total of no more than 12 people" principle, co-ordinate arrangements to determine the instructor's list of students.

2.Choose: because the adviser Limited places, please students must first contact the tutor in completing before (especially the "first ambition mentor"), and then fill out the "consent of the teachers agreed to choose tutor returns" (see Annex 3), this table please before August 28, 2016 is sent to the monitor of class teaching students to send (to the teaching point responsible person), overdue as a waiver of the sender tutor election report, by the monitor (for teaching) summary report after the MBA Education Center in September 1st, the election results in the September mid tutor MBA Education Center website publicity.

二、Thesis proposal

1.The opening preparation: choose tutor results publicity, please contact as soon as possible to determine the student tutor thesis, and under the guidance of the instructor, in December 2016 1 before the completion of "graduate degree thesis report" (see Annex 4) and "MBA thesis writing outline" (see Annex 5) writing, students should be active, maintain regular contact with mentors, contact fails and mentor, tutor has the right to refuse the guidance, the consequences by the student himself is responsible for.

2.Opening time: set for December 10, 2016 - 20, specific issues notice.

                                                                                             Shandong University MBA Education Center                                      

                                                                                                   June 28, 2016 

    Appendix 1: research directions (3).doc
    Appendix 2:2016 supervisor's list of graduate students in Management College (1).doc
    Annex 3: election instructor's return form (4).xls
    Annex 4: Shandong University graduate degree thesis.doc
    Appendix 5:MBA outline of thesis writing (Reference).doc


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