Notice on 2016 freshmen classes and the formation of the class committee

Notice on 2016 freshmen classes and the formation of the class committee

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Class 2016 students:


Class 2016 class placement list is now announced, and the list is shown in Annex 1.


In order to promote the exchange and learning between the class, create an effective platform to realize the MBA students' self service and self management, strengthen the effective communication of MBA students and schools, to do class work, enhance the Alexander MBA class brand, MBA education center of Shandong University will be the 2016 freshmen class set up work, notice as follows:


一、The class will produce the candidate through the introductory class students, through democratic elections, to determine the members of the class committee, who intends to hold the post of a class of students, please fill in the attached application form "2 class" recommendation, in May 31, 2016 sent to the


二、Banwei set respectively: monitor, monitor, deputy secretary of the League branch (the party), members, members of the organization, publicity committee, committee member.


三、The center will be based on the introductory situation to be arranged Banwei campaign time.


In order to improve the value of MBA learning stage, we hope that students will actively participate in class construction work, and jointly create a good learning atmosphere.

  Annex 12016MBA squad list.xls

  Annex 2 Banwei recommendation form.docx

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