Shandong University MBA Guangdong center 9th Anniversary years will be held successfully

Learning to know each other is better than being friends. March 11, 2017, 18, Shandong University MBA (Shenzhen) spring tea annual meeting held in Shenzhen. Shandong University School of management professor Meng Qingchun MBA, Ph.D. Guangdong center and Shandong University MBA center Shenzhen Guangdong teacher class 2008-2017 14 classes of the previous Shenzhen MBA alumni representatives, Guangzhou students and guests, nearly 150 people have a joyous gathering, gongxuyouqing.

School of Management Professor Meng represented in his speech, has always maintained a scholar, a "big hill about the people and things that moment to narrow the distance with you on the mountain at his alma mater, big event recently carried out interpretation. Humorous, humorous words, or familiar "mountain flavor", the great cultural heritage has been passed to the forefront of reform and opening up in Shenzhen, and expressed concern and blessings to all students.

Subsequently, the Shandong University MBA (Shenzhen) Federation handover ceremony, the new joint members and representatives of all previous federations together, a group of nostalgia. Wang Yi, a representative of the MBA second classroom organized by one of the organizers of this annual meeting, introduced the development of the practice learning organization and the new year's work in the MBA second classroom. All previous MBA students took classes or grades as the group (2008-2017) and took the stage of toasting in turn. During the students show a directed and starred in the show, won bursts of cheers in the lucky draw 60 lucky winners of the students. In the next year's meeting, we also invited three excellent alumni associations to share and share with us. In the course of the party, the alumni of all sessions have fully communicated and exchanged, and they have been toasting and taking pictures.

Happy together is always short, which lasted 4 hours "to learn to know, close friends -- Shandong University MBA (Shenzhen) spring tea annual meeting in the whole group came to an end, we look forward to the next meeting……




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