Shandong University MBA2015 students and teachers went to please, Geely Automobile Inspection exchange activities ended

The afternoon of March 18, 2017, Shandong University MBA2015 students went to Shandong please drinking water Limited by Share Ltd, Geely Automobile Ji'nan base of exchange activities, on the operation and management of enterprises carried out a field study, Shandong University MBA students and enterprises of interactive communication and understanding, combined with the actual business operation and management, achieve the purpose of social practice. The event was led by Professor Wang Ping and Professor Wu Aihua.

Please arrange three staff first, all the teachers and students to fully explain the kupris history and the present operation situation, and then through field visits to fully understand the kupris drinking water production line and production process. Please mineral water from 381 meters underground, rich in strontium and metasilicate and other two kinds of trace elements beneficial to human body and minerals. Please invest huge sums of money to build the first automatic water treatment production line, the highest degree of automation of the bottled water filling line, will take the lead in the pharmaceutical industry GMP standard and air purification technology is introduced into the drinking water industry, is the very few master drinking water production process and quality control of water treatment technology, the core technology of the enterprise. Through full communication with kupris field personnel, to produce good water, not as long as there is good water and good equipment, but also have a good operation and management concept.

Then all the teachers and students to visit and study of Geely Automobile Ji'nan base, visited the stamping shop, welding shop, paint shop, assembly shop, learned a car from the scattered parts to integrate into the perfect car, need a variety of tools and auxiliary procedures combined, and this is entirely due to co-ordinate the deployment of operation management the Department, production operation, everything in good order and well arranged convergence and orderly.

Through this practice, the MBA students learned to play in the actual production operation management work, through the teachers and students and the enterprise communication between the school and enterprise cooperation has been strengthened, the event successfully achieved the purpose.

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