Notice on the "directional" students receiving MBA training agreement

You 2017, Shandong University, MBA intends to admit students:

Choose the admission categories for the orientation of the students, please in May 2, 2017 - May 5th (morning 8:30 - 11:30, 14:00 PM - 17:00) to bring the original identity card management school of Shandong University MBA Education Center (known building room B507), a "master" training agreement.

一、"Directional" students receive agreement:
1, orientation training agreement is made in three copies (a copy of the school, and I need my signature unit), students and thumbprint, employment oriented units responsible person signed and sealed.

The agreement in principle I receive, if due to special circumstances required by the other generation, you must provide a written authorization signed by me (and my ID card and receive the identity card in the power of attorney), and show the original identity of both, by leading people to sign up for generations.

2、Please sign and seal the agreement before May 12th (morning 8:30 - 11:30, 14:00 PM - 17:00) to MBA Education Center (with a supplementary agreement with the Weipei unit students please will complement the original agreement together to MBA Education Center). This agreement is lost and will not be reissued. Please keep it in good order! The school will not grant the letter of acceptance to the examinee who fails to return the agreement on time and is deemed to have given up the qualification automatically.

二、"Non directional" students transfer files related matters":

Students who choose to enroll in "non orientation" do not have to sign an agreement, but they should submit the personal files to the college after they start school. As to be issued Diaodang Han, please take time to work in the MBA education center.

Nondirective students please before September 10, 2017, personal files to the school, mailing address: Ji'nan Road, No. 27 building B507 Shandong University Hill Yang (received) 0531-88564826 (please use the SF express or EMS)


                                   Shandong University MBA Education Center

                                   April 28, 2017


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