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Shandong University is a long history and a full range of disciplines, academic strength, distinctive characteristics, has an important influence at home and abroad directly under the Ministry of education key comprehensive university, the university is one of the national "211 Project" and "985 Project" key construction of high level.


Shandong University is the origin University of higher education in modern china. Its medical science originated in 1864 and opened the forefront of higher medical education in modern china. Its main body was the Shandong school founded in 1901. It is the second national university founded in China after the Beijing Normal University. It is also the first university in China to run according to the articles of association. From the birth, the school has experienced during the period of the Shandong school, national Qiingdao University, national Shandong University, Shandong University and the former Shandong University, Shandong Medical University, Shandong Polytechnic University, three schools were merged to form the new Shandong University and several other historical development. Over a hundred years, Shandong University, adhering to the "reserve personnel for the world, for the prosperity of the country charts" mission, the practice of "gas Hao Ran Knowledge has no limit., motto, Chuolifenfa, passing the torch, the formation of the" practical innovation "spirit, training more than 40 million talents for the country and society, has made an important contribution to the the national and regional economic and social development.


As the first batch of "211 projects" and "985 Engineering" universities, the Shandong University has achieved a great leap forward in recent years, and all undertakings have reached an unprecedented height. A comprehensive school level and teaching quality improved significantly, significantly enhance the international influence, currently has 15 academic influence and ability to contribute to ESI into the world's top 1% (ranked eighth in the domestic position) signed a cooperation agreement with the school, nearly 170 schools in more than 30 countries and regions.


The school is large in scale and powerful in strength. It covers an area of 8000 acres (including the Qingdao campus of about 3000 acres), formed a school three (Ji'nan, Qingdao, Weihai) eight (Ji'nan Campus Center campus, Hongjialou campus, Baotu Spring campus, Qianfo Hill campus, Software Park Campus, Xinglongshan campus and Qingdao campus, Weihai campus) running pattern. There are 4 affiliated hospitals, 3 non affiliated hospitals, 11 teaching and practice hospitals. There are 7759 faculty members (excluding affiliated hospitals). There are 60 thousand full-time students, of whom 40822 are full-time undergraduates, 17984 are postgraduates, and 3407 are foreign students. The school has brought together a group of outstanding talents, including 1082 professors and 897 doctoral supervisors. Among them, Nobel laureate Peter Gr nberg appointed as distinguished professor, postgraduate tutor Professor Mo Yan was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 2012. The existing school China Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering 8, 48 academicians, 10 tenured professor, a professor of Humanities and Social Sciences 16; people plan national distinguished professor 22 people, young people plan 18 people; Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council Council member country millions of 7 people; the engineering talents selected by 28 people; the Ministry of education Changjiang Scholars Program Professor, Professor of 46 people, 1 people enrolled youth project; winners of national outstanding youth fund of Shandong Province, Taishan 38 people, 59 people, Taishan scholars distinguished experts and scholars overseas distinguished experts 31 people, Taishan scholars climbing program candidate 6.


The school has excellent teaching and research platform, a national key disciplines 2 (covering 8 two subjects), two national key disciplines, two disciplines, 14 national key disciplines to cultivate 3, 70 provincial key disciplines, covering literature and science, engineering and medicine four disciplines field. To realize the coordinated development of various disciplines; National research platform of National Key Laboratory, National Engineering Research Center, National Engineering Laboratory, National Engineering Technology Promotion Center 7, the national "111 innovation engineering project 6, national personnel training base 6, the Ministry of education, humanities and social science research base 4 A, the Ministry of education, Ministry of health key laboratory and Engineering Technology Research Center 21, a large number of provincial key laboratories and engineering technology research center.


Shandong University is one of the most comprehensive universities in China at present, and it is representative in the comprehensive university. Undergraduate and graduate level education involving philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, art and other 12 disciplines. Have a doctoral degree authorization point 41, a master degree authorization 56, doctoral degree 3, master 27, 117 undergraduate, 41 post doctoral research station, the formation of structural integrity, strength and unique talent cultivation system. In the historical development, Shandong University has formed its own discipline advantages and characteristics. Especially after 1930s and 50s in Qingdao during the period of school glory and development, has established "the academic characteristics of good history", there have been a number of very high reputation in the domestic and foreign scholars in the humanities, as well as "literature history and philosophy" that the concern of the academic positions. In August 2015, the school successfully held the "Olympic history" of the twenty-second International Conference on science history, this is the establishment of the general assembly for the first time in 115 years into the countries in Asia and Africa, creating a conference held in the number of registered participants, since the developing countries the number of participants and historians of young scholars in many aspects such as the highest number of participants. At the end of the three century school since the merger, the new development of financial mathematics, crystal materials, condensed matter physics, Colloid Interface Chemistry, microorganism, machinery, materials science, cardiovascular function restoration, drug manufacturing, China classical philosophy reached the domestic first-class level, some direction and field has been in the world level.


In July 2010, after the National Conference on education and the implementation of the "education plan", China's higher education ushered in an unprecedented opportunity for development. Facing the new situation and new tasks and new requirements, the school is full of enthusiasm and enterprising spirit, solidarity, forge ahead, to accelerate the comprehensive reform, accelerate the improvement of modern university system, promote scientific development, comprehensive connotation and characteristic development, innovation and development, for the early completion with mountain characteristics "innovative, International, a leading" first-class university in the world and make unremitting efforts!





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