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On the summit of Taishan, according to the banks of the Yellow River, the essence of Qilu is drawn. Founded in 1901, Shandong University is the first batch of "211 Project" and "985 Project" University, which is the first batch of key construction projects in China. It is an important birthplace of Chinese modern university education and a center of cultural science and education. Shandong University in twenty-first Century to create a world-class university as the goal, each career reached a hitherto unknown height, comprehensive strength and competitiveness significantly enhanced, the quality and service for national and regional development capacity significantly increased, from the completion of the teaching and research university transition to the research university.

Samsara moon, spring and autumn series. In the history of the development of Shandong University, business is one of the earliest disciplines. After a hundred years' vicissitudes, the development of business education has gone through four major stages: commercial education, national economic management, education, business management education, and management education. The management education of Shandong University started in the late 1970s. It was one of the earliest institutions of higher learning in China after the reform and opening up. In 1980, the major of economic management was established. In 1985, the Department of management science was established in. In 1994, the school of business administration was formally established. In 1999, it was changed into a management college after professional integration. The former Shandong University of technology established the management engineering department in 1985 and established the management college in 1999. In 2000, after the merger of Shandong University, Shandong Medical University and Shandong industry university, the former school of management of Shandong University and the Management School of the former Shandong University of technology merged and reorganized into the current management college.


"Management science, the road to rejuvenating the nation". The world in the village, in the economic globalization, social diversification, with the accelerated process of integration into the world economy China, high-quality management personnel have international vision and innovation spirit for all walks of life needed. Under this background, School of management, Shandong University uphold "Knowledge has no limit., gas Hao Ran" motto and rich cultural heritage, keep pace with the times, make full use of the opportunity of the rapid development of the domestic economy, and, in discipline construction, personnel training, teachers team construction, scientific research, domestic and international exchanges and cooperation have made comprehensive the development of.


School of management Shandong University campus is located in the center of new knowledge, with business management, management science and engineering two first level discipline doctorate authorization and Postdoctoral Station, business management, accounting, tourism management, management science and engineering, technical economics and management, library and information science 7 graduate programs, get EMBA the right to run, and has a master of Business Administration (MBA), master of engineering, master of accounting, master of tourism management, master, master of asset evaluation, master of Engineering Management in 7 degree, at the same time with business management, human resource management, international business, marketing, accounting, tourism management, scientific management and industrial engineering, project management, information management and information system, electronic commerce, logistics management, library science, 13 undergraduate professional, forming The training system of more perfect undergraduate - Master - Ph.D. - postdoctoral talent, more than 140 existing full-time teachers, including 13 doctoral supervisors, 32 professors, 72 associate professors, PhD teachers more than 70%. Each kind of school student more than 6000 people.


"Looking at the sky color is light, when the waves". During the "12th Five-Year" period, the development of management college has entered a new stage. The college will hold "12th Five-Year" the period of strategic opportunities and critical period of development, the implementation of the "national long-term education reform and development plan (2010-2020)" and "Shandong University academic revitalization action plan", around the school in celebration of the 120 anniversary of the Shandong University completed the preliminary development goals, the world first-class university of emancipating the mind the integration of resources, high starting point, high school level to promote international cooperation and exchanges, build with world-class standards and influence, academic research, personnel training as one of the professional international cooperation platform, and vigorously promote the internationalization and the internationalization of talent, scientific research team of College teachers training. The formation of advocating academic scholars, respect the school culture atmosphere, establish suitable for the growth of students, scholars and staff development management system, create a harmonious academic environment to encourage innovation, tolerance, greatly enhance the comprehensive strength of academic. After five years of efforts, and strive to enter the domestic business, the comprehensive strength of the top 15, some areas in the top 5, for the construction of "mountain characteristics, advanced world" business school and continuous efforts.


In this regard, sincerely welcome the excellent scholars at home and abroad to join, welcome domestic and foreign students aspiring to apply for the big mountain management college!


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