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Shandong University MBA education is rooted in the cultural heritage of Shandong University based on the fertile soil, "Kong Meng home town, civilization, a state of ceremonies" Shandong, relying on comprehensive schools for centuries, adhere to the "virtue and love Confucian advocates" the spirit of contemporary Confucianism under globalization background is committed to developing innovative entrepreneurship, establish Confucian the banner to create Confucian brand, to build a harmonious society and made outstanding contributions to the promotion of social civilization.

In order to strengthen the teaching, training and management of MBA, the school has set up MBA Education Center, which is located in management college. School of management, has the first-class teaching facilities, strong teachers, rich teaching experience in MBA, has been running for 17 years for enterprises and government departments training more than 4000 senior management personnel, many of them in the government and enterprises as an important leadership positions, made outstanding achievements. Large and high-quality teachers and alumni resources are not only a valuable asset of Shandong University, but also a strong backing for the professional development of students.

Shandong University as early as the establishment of the early set up business. The management education of Shandong University began in 1970s and has been developed for 30 years. It is one of the earliest institutions of higher learning to offer management education in china. Shandong University MBA education coincides with the Qilu earth GDP proceedings of the second national economic development opportunities, carried out extensive exchanges and in-depth cooperation with Hisense, wave, heavy truck, Chinese Luneng, Qilu Petrochemical and other famous enterprises, Shandong University MBA in Hisense Kelon, China bank, China Chinese heavy truck, Netcom enterprise opened MBA postgraduate courses.

Shandong University MBA relying on the strength of relevant disciplines: Industrial Economics for the national key disciplines; the research of consumption economics and industrial economics has an important position in the National Academy of Sciences, China, Changjiang Scholar professor Peng Shige for the outstanding academic representative of economic subject. The discipline of management has an important influence in the country, management science experiment center as a national demonstration center of experimental teaching, has been in the domestic and foreign academic journals published more than 1100 papers, published monographs, textbooks nearly 100, undertake national and provincial research projects of more than 80.

Shandong University has a doctorate degree in economics and theoretical economics, with a doctorate degree in applied economics.

The doctoral degrees in economics and management of Shandong University include enterprise management, management science and engineering, finance, finance, industrial economics, international trade, political economy, western economics and national economics.

Shandong University economics and Management Master of management science and engineering, accounting, tourism management, technology economy and management, library science, political economics, western economics, world economics, national economics, regional economics, finance, finance, industrial economics, international trade, labor economics, quantity economics, investment economics and insurance.

Shandong University MBA has a academic team with high-level scholars as the core, young and middle-aged teachers as backbone, and close cooperation with scholars both at home and abroad. Shandong University MBA more than 130 existing full-time teachers, including 26 professors, 70 associate professors, over 70 teachers have a doctorate, the backbone teachers about 1/3 enterprise actual combat experience, served as corporate executives or listed as independent directors or consultants, some teachers have Paris University and the University of Maryland in the United States and other overseas famous universities abroad background. Shandong University, MBA has established a chair / distinguished professor, visiting professor system, hired a number of academic attainments and rich management experience of experts and scholars and entrepreneurs, part-time professor.

Shandong University MBA attaches great importance to international academic exchanges and international cooperation, the United States has with Houston University, University of New Haven, Germany, Japan, Australia, Yamaguchi University Friedrich Alexandria University, Vitoria Polytechnic University, Seoul University of Korea and China's Taiwan Zhongshan University, Taiwan University of science and technology to establish the relationship between the international exchanges and close cooperation, the United States, Japan, South Korea, hire Hongkong Taiwan, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Nanjing University, Nankai University and other famous scholars and Hisense group, the wave of the group and the general group and other famous enterprises and entrepreneurs do academic report, successfully held a number of "International Management Forum" and "Alexander - General Senior Management Forum". Shandong University, MBA has repeatedly sent teachers to South Korea, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Hongkong and other universities, enterprises to visit, visit or attend academic conferences.


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