Core course:

一、Public Course       

Socialist economic theory and practice; Business English

二、Specialized basic course

Management; Management economics; Accounting; data; models and decisions; Business ethics and corporate social responsibility

三、Case teaching course

Strategic management; Marketing management; Human resources development and management; Corporate finance; Organizational behavior; Operation management; Management information system; Entrepreneurial management

四、Practice Course       

Team building (Training)

Some non degree courses:

Some non degree courses


The new business management forum; Thematic Lecture Series; Tax law and tax planning; Corporate governance
Management of transnational corporations; International logistics and supply chain management; Personnel quality assessment and career planning
Labor relations and employee relations management; Managerial communication and leadership art; Securities investment
Accounting information and business decision making;International trade theory and practice; E-commerce; logistics management
Decision making of enterprise production and management; Fashion culture and luxury management; Project management; Social etiquette and business negotiation; ,ergers and acquisitions and asset restructuring; Sinology and management
Accounting statement interpretation and fraud identification; Company cost control topics; Service operation management; Cultural creativity and business negotiation

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