★Project advantage

Shandong University is the origin University of higher education in modern china. Its medical science originated in 1864, which is the most advanced in the history of modern Chinese higher education. Its main body was the Shandong school founded in 1901. It is the second national university founded in China after the Beijing Normal University. It is also the first university in China to run according to the articles of association. From the birth, the school has experienced during the period of the Shandong school, national Qiingdao University, national Shandong University, Shandong University and the former Shandong University, Shandong Medical University, Shandong Polytechnic University, three schools were merged to form the new Shandong University and several other historical development.

Shandong University is large in scale and powerful in strength. Shandong University covers an area of 8000 acres, formed a school three (Ji'nan, Qingdao, Weihai) eight (Ji'nan Campus Center campus, Hongjialou campus, Baotu Spring campus, Qianfo Hill campus, Software Park Campus, Xinglongshan campus and Qingdao campus, Weihai campus) school pattern, 4 affiliated hospitals, 3 non subordinate affiliated hospitals, 11 teaching hospitals internship. There are 7782 teachers and staff members (excluding affiliated hospitals), with 60 thousand full-time students. Shandong University is one of the most comprehensive universities in China at present, and it is representative in the comprehensive university. Shandong University has 10 disciplines of academic influence and contribution capacity into the world's top 1%. According to the United States "basic scientific indicators" (ESI) statistics, Shandong University science and technology competitiveness has entered the world's top 500 colleges and universities, seventh domestic universities.

The project has a long history

The largest Institute in Shandong has trained thousands of people to receive a master's degree in management.

The curriculum is rich and practical  

The specialized courses are complete, with more management practice lectures and business visiting activities, and full application of the classroom learning.

Shandong province's largest and best quality alumni platform"

300 thousand alumni throughout all walks of life in Shandong Province, won the opportunity.

★Project features

Equal attention to international practices and Chinese characteristics

In terms of teaching content, international practices and Chinese characteristics are equally emphasized. By comparing the theories and practices of enterprise management in different countries and regions, it enables students to have an international perspective, understand international practices, and understand China's national conditions, and can manage them accordingly.

MBA generalist training and professional development equally

In teaching methods, MBA generalist training and professional development both. Besides the required courses, many specialized courses have been set up for the students of different majors.

Pay attention to academic exchanges at home and abroad

We should pay attention to academic exchanges at home and abroad, invite foreign teachers and multinational corporations to come to China to give lectures, and send teachers and MBA students to study abroad.

Paying attention to the cultivation of students' practical ability

Paying attention to the cultivation of students' practical ability. Through the simulation teaching in the classroom, role playing, simulated training and other advanced teaching methods, combined with the actual operation of extracurricular scientific investigation, management, quality of the development of a variety of ways to improve the practical ability of students, pays special attention to cultivating students' awareness of innovation and innovation capability of high.

Adhere to open education

Insist on running the school open, met with the United States, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Britain, Russia, Israel and Australia and other more than 40 countries or regions of the more than 50 universities have established intercollegiate partnership established academic partnerships with more than 100 academic institutions, to establish the relationship between the joint education, research cooperation with dozens of units domestic or regional. At the same time, the school also strengthened with the cooperation of science and technology enterprises, has with the Luneng Group, Dongfang Electronics Group, Langchao group, Sinocrea group, Hisense group, Shengli Oilfield, Shandong delta group, Shandong high tech Investment Co. Ltd. and other large enterprises (Group) to establish a close cooperative relationship. Among them, during the 95 period, schools and enterprises signed more than 600 contracts for scientific and technological cooperation, which effectively promoted the scientific and technological work of schools and enterprises, and made great contributions to the country's scientific and technological progress and economic development.

Outstanding industrial achievements

The industrialization of high-tech achievements in schools has also shown a good momentum. Every year, more than 1400 scientific research projects are carried out by the school. More than 100 scientific and technological achievements have been identified in the year, and the conversion rate of applied technical achievements is more than 60%, among which the rate of industrialization is 30%. It has contributed to the economic development of Shandong and even the whole country. During 95, the school has formed its own advantages and characteristics in the new material science and technology, advanced manufacturing technology, chemistry and chemical technology, life science, computer and communications technology, pharmaceutical research and other high-tech fields, a large number of scientific and technological achievements have been applied, and realize industrialization, promote technological progress and economic development enterprise.

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