Notice on the 2015 level of MBA degree thesis (Updated)

In order to regulate the degree thesis process management, further improve the quality of MBA's thesis, the whole class 2015 grade MBA degree thesis as follows

一、The opening time

From March 3, 2017 to March 13th, the specific time schedule is arranged by each department.

二、The title of the object

2015 MBA students and 2013 grade, 2014 grade students did not open.

三、Opening mode

Arranged by each department, according to the research direction, respectively, to determine the time, tissue paper proposal, opening the "Shandong University student will graduate degree thesis of 3" (see Annex 1) and the "MBA degree thesis of Shandong University writing outline" 3 (see Annex 2), submitted to the opening group three tutors and other information to each department shall prevail. Please open the students well in advance to prepare PPT slides in a statement for the. The contents include: introduction to state his name and title, management theory and research methods of the research background and application analysis, measures proposed solutions to the problem (the innovation of the paper should be concise and to the point, clear and intuitive), time is generally 5 to 10 minutes. After the introduction, the experts asked questions, and the students answered on the spot.

四、Submit opening information online

By opening the students landing graduate management information system (training management the mid-term examination (screening) - submitted report) submitted a report the relevant information, not submitted report information related to the students will not be able to attend the mid-term screening.

五、The opening end of submission

Before March 17, 2017, the opening by the participants will "Shandong University graduate degree thesis" (1 main problems need to fill out this form of expert report review, and some improvement measures, whether through, and expert group signature); "MBA" Shandong University Thesis Writing Outline 1 to MBA; education center. (opening by student with lower level students re opening)

六、Matters needing attention:

1.Materials to be handed to the MBA education centre should be written in pencil on the top right corner of the cover, with the class number and name.

2.The above written materials, in principle, are handed in to the MBA Education Center office by the students themselves. If you entrust a supervisor or someone else to hand them in, please ensure that the material format is correct. As a result of the format does not meet the requirements, only with a class of re opening and submit opening materials, will no longer notice students and responsibility.

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