Notice on Relevant Issues concerning MBA thesis defense in the first half of 2017


Notice on Relevant Issues concerning MBA thesis defense in the first half of 2017

一、Plea date:May 13, 2017 (Saturday)

二、Place of Defense: Shandong University Central Campus (No. 27 South Hill Road), new building, B block, building 6

(The group list will be posted on the 6 floor lobby of block B, new building, on May 13th)

三、Pleading procedure:

(一)Copy PPT: please be sure to copy the copy of the defense PPT to the computer in the room before 8:00 in the morning of May 13th.

(二)Draw: 8:00 in the respondent room draw, the number drawn is the order of the respondent.

(三)Answer time: 8:15 a.m. - 11:30, 13:30 p.m. - 16:30.

Please do the PPT slides and no tutors name in the slides. The respondent first introduces his / her name and thesis title, and then presents the main content and main points of the thesis (usually around 15 minutes). The presentation process should be as concise and clear as possible. After the introduction of the trainees, the experts asked questions on the spot, and the respondent answered them on the spot.

Note: in the course of the reply, please make sure that the experts have made a good record of the questions and suggestions made by the experts.

(四)Take a group photo: at 11:40 in the morning, the judges and the trainees will meet in the south of the new building A, and take a photo of the degree gown. (if they fail to arrive at the place of assembly on time, they will automatically abandon the group photo as a souvenir).

(五)Declare the result of the plea: after the end of the respondent's reply, the chairman of the defense will announce the result of the defense on the spot. Meanwhile, the leader of the defence will inform each student of the amendment of the thesis

四、During the course of the defense, the trainees should complete the following matters at the MBA Education Center (new building, B507 room):

(一)Payment: the payment of papers, typesetting, and printing (except for papers filed).

(二)Lead: 9:00 - 11:00 master service time, receive the master's clothes need to pay a deposit of 100 yuan, before 14:00 p.m. and the return of the deposit refund master service (loss, damage compensation price).

(三)Thesis 2: This paper for the respondent's thesis, 1 of their own retained, and the other 1 recommendations left to the teacher as a souvenir.

(四)Collect and submit 5 copies of the title page: the title page and cover the content, but must be written, there must be students and teacher signature, not allowed to sign on behalf of, fill in and after the signing of a submission to the MBA education center.

("Original statement", please take pictures and keep it when you submit an electronic version of the paper to the school library)

(五)Student card: the student exchange MBA Education Center, issued a diploma when returned, leaving as a souvenir.

(六)1 copies of the power of attorney for the use of my thesis (see attachment 1): the signature of the power of attorney shall be signed by me.

(七)Personal commitment: students need to sign personal commitment (see attachment 2) and then participate in the defense. If the school review and examination results are approved, the reply will be valid. Otherwise, the plea is invalid.

五、After the end of the respondent, the respondent by students please complete the following items before May 18, 2017:

(一)Revised papers: after the end of the defense, please promptly communicate with the supervisor, according to the comments made by the judges on the paper, modify the paper. The Academy will organize expert judges to review the revised papers, and those who fail to revise it according to the opinions of the experts will cancel their application for this degree.

(二)Fill in the form of amendment after the reply of the thesis (see attachment 3): please ask the experts according to the questions and opinions made by the experts(Do not miss),Revise papers. Every student must fill in this form, the experts did not propose amendments, "defense experts on the amendments to the" fill in "no", submitted to the MBA Education Center, is submitted as a waiver from the application.

(三)Submit papers electronic version: according to expert opinions, need to modify the thesis of students, please students must revise papers in 5 days, will be modified papers timely return to feed papers electronic version,,At the same time sent to, two mailbox, please arrange in print edition on the revision, the revised manuscript will no longer layout, compared to the students no longer feedback, direct print archive.

(四)Submit papers to management information system: students login to graduate management information system of Shandong,Click on the "degree" upload PDF format paper and final draft, please review the supervisor supervisor login system, complete the examination, through the selection, click "submit" to complete the audit.

(五)Submit papers to the school library: those who apply for master's degrees at the Shandong University, according to the Ministry of education,Before May 30th,The final version of the electronic dissertation must be submitted to the school library. Website: field - Mountain dissertation submitted, upload papers need to be accompanied by "original declaration" picture format.


I wish you all the best of your defense!


          Shandong University MBA Education Center

April 24, 2017

Annex 1: power of attorney for the use of my thesis.doc

Annex 2: letter of commitment template.doc

Appendix 3: revised statement of the thesis of Shandong University after its defense.doc

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