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       Founded  in 1901, Shandong University is a key comprehensive university directly  under the Ministry of Education with a long history, complete  discipline, strong academic strength and great influence both at home  and abroad. The  management education of Shandong University began in the late 1970s and  was one of the earliest colleges and universities that started the  management education in our country after the reform and opening up. In  2000, the former Shandong University School of Management and the  former Shandong University of Technology merged into a management  school. In order to strengthen teaching and training of MBA, Shandong  University School of Management established MBA Education Center. At  present, it has trained over 4,000 senior management personnel for  enterprises and government departments. Many people hold important  leadership positions in government and enterprises.
Alma mater is not only the phoenix nest where all alumni are flying, but also the rocker to change their life. Alumni are not only precious assets for schools, but also precious resources for every alumni. In  order to effectively develop and utilize the alumni resources, the MBA  Federation of Shandong University called for the return of all previous  MBA alumni who have been separated for many years. On  the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the MBA Education Center  of Shandong University, Shandong University MBA Federation will set up  an MBA Alumni Association of Shandong University, build an MBA alumni  information base and set up branches throughout the country so that MBA  alumni Where can re-experience the warm embrace of his alma mater. As an open platform, the Summit MBA Alumni Association will be  the emotional bond between us and our alumni. We will also become the  spiritual home where every alumni share success and joy, and pass on  friendship and values.
Alumni are welcome to return to school, let us re-ask their  alma mater new face, and then recalled classmates friendship, reunion  with all parties to create brilliant alma mater.
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