[Foreign affairs] Moorhouse School of management, Dahl University of Canada

In April 21, 2017, the Canadian Dahl Moorhouse School of management Dean Professor Sylvain Charlebois was a delegation of three people visited the Shandong University School of management, Professor of management in college party secretary Ji Xiaoqing met with visiting guests, both sides carry out joint training of students and academic exchanges in the forum.

At 10:30 in the morning, the forum held in the conference room B607 School of management, Ji Xiaoqing, Secretary to the delegation welcomed the visit, and briefly introduces the international exchange project of Shandong University and the school of management and school situation. He talked about the school of management has been committed to promoting the internationalization of science and international development of students, hope the school of management and Dahl Moorhouse university students in joint training, short-term exchange programs and teacher visits cooperation. Dahl Moorhouse University School of management Dean Sylvain Charlebois said he was very pleased to visit the Shandong University School of management, in the framework of Dahl Moorhouse University in the province of Nova Scotia province and Shandong province are the sister Province under the two sides has achieved great progress in academic exchanges and cooperation. Subsequently, the two sides made in-depth exchanges on MBA cooperation projects, teacher exchange visits, student visits, short-term projects and joint training of doctoral students, and reached a preliminary intention of cooperation. Vice president of management school, Professor Wang Yimin, Dahl, Moorhouse, School of management, Rowe business school, MBA professor Dan, Shaw professor attended the meeting.

Dahl Moorhouse (Dalhousie University) was founded in 1818, is Nova Scotia's most famous and largest public university in Canada, is also a member of the Canadian top 15 research universities Alliance - U15. In 2015, magazine (Maclean s Magazine) was named "Canada's Seventh Key University of research and development". Dahl Moorhouse Institute of management consists of four branches, two undergraduate programs and seven graduate programs. The Lowe Business School (Rowe School of Business) ranked eighth in Canada's top class MBA business school, and received AACSB certification in the year QS Business School ranked in the top 250. This school focus on enhancing students' work experience, the Co-op and CR MBA master Bachelor of business are mandatory Canada internship business project. Among them, CR MBA is Canada's only business cooperation class MBA, "Corporate Residency MBA" project, 22 months long.

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