Management institute holds MBA core course construction launching meeting

In the afternoon of May 4, 2017, the Management College held the MBA core course construction launching meeting, and carried out a detailed discussion on the curriculum construction of MBA core courses. Wang Yimin, vice president of the Management Institute, presided over the meeting. The core courses, curriculum group leaders, and MBA education center related teachers participated in the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Wang Yimin, vice president, made a brief introduction to the purpose and significance of the curriculum construction of the MBA core curriculum. He pointed out that, in the Shandong University MBA expansion of the background, the construction of MBA core curriculum group, to standardize the implementation of MBA teaching and the next step will be carried out MBA high quality certification is of great significance. The college will increase investment in the way of "project approval" to ensure that the content and teaching conditions of MBA curriculum construction are more scientific and distinctive. Vice President Wang Yimin stressed that this year MBA in expanding enrollment situation, but also to ensure the quality of MBA teaching, form the curriculum construction and training of standardized and institutionalized, a good foundation for the future teaching and lay the MBA certification. Next, Professor Chen Dan, Zhang Xuzhu and other professors of the curriculum group, according to the actual situation of the 2017 level MBA, carried out discussions on the development of the case course, the direction of curriculum construction and the organization of the teaching content. Finally, the MBA Education Center Wang Yan teacher in detail from the "syllabus standard" and "course content and time allocation" two aspects, MBA Education Center Director of the office of Sun Yanjie group of teachers curriculum on Teachers' training mode are finally added.

The launching meeting has pointed out the direction for the construction of MBA core course, and the leaders of the curriculum group exchange together and put forward valuable suggestions, which is of great significance for MBA teaching implementation and MBA certification.


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