Shandong University MBA2016 students and teachers went to Shandong agricultural fertilizer visit exchanges ended

The afternoon of May 28, 2017, Shandong University MBA2016 students to Shandong Agricultural Technology Co. Ltd. of fertilizer on the exchange of visits, the operation and management of enterprises carried out a field study, Shandong University MBA students and enterprises of interactive communication, combined with the actual production management and organization structure design, performance appraisal, to the society the purpose of practice. The event was led by Professor Feng Wenna.

First, visit the exhibition hall of the company. Agricultural fertilizer exhibition is divided enterprise culture area, enterprise achievement zone, enterprise products, explain the instructor with our content of three exhibition of learning, let us fully understand: Shandong agricultural fertilizer technical limited company is a set of production, teaching, scientific research, sales and service in one of the modern fertilizer production enterprises at present, specializing in humic acid fertilizer, slow-release fertilizer, biological fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer and soil conditioner and other new fertilizers research and development, production and sales; agricultural fertilizer industry is Asia's largest production base of China humic acid fertilizer, humic acid fertilizer industry innovation strategic alliance sponsor. Then, the horse came to the exhibition, with the enterprise management as the starting point, with a simple example, told us the cultural formation, Nongda fertilizer "up and down" incentive mechanism, new product marketing model, "and" the integration of design etc.

Then in the workshop director under the leadership of agricultural fertilizer, fertilizer production workshop of all the teachers and students came to visit and study, we found that the entire production process has been highly automated, workshop workers; finally, the staff and we conducted in-depth exchanges, Ma total share of fertilizer "rocket team Nongda spirit", impressed us in; the visit process, we presented to the horse always engraved with the "public school is set up, reserve personnel for the world, for all students and non aggressive; the church school is born, for the prosperity of the country charts, as a non profit assets" the paper weight, the horse to each of our students presented a special agricultural fertilizer. The end of 3 visits in the afternoon.

On the afternoon of May 6, 2017, Ambassador, chairman and general manager Ma Xuewen came to the mountain, to the MBA2 class of 2016 students share the development process, enterprise strategy formation process; this trip is an extension of the classroom, the students in the agricultural fertilizer production base, with a sense of being "to allow more farmers to Nongda fertilizer with better fertilizer" corporate culture, learning the Ma Zong team management experience and Ma unique entrepreneurial spirit! At the same time, Ma also look forward to more with the mountain MBA students together to explore business management concepts, and hope to be able to work with the excellent MBA students have more in-depth cooperation

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