New starting point, looking forward to new heights, new integration, opening up new horizons - the twelfth session of the Shandong University MBA Federation was formally established

In June 4th, Shandong University MBA Education Center in new building block B room 210 held the twelfth session of the general assembly of MBA Federation, vice president of Shandong University professor Wang Yimin School of management for the conference, MBA Education Center office Yang Hua teacher read out the twelfth session of the MBA Federation member list, and Professor Wang Yimin, a new member awarded to you, the new the association was formally established.

Professor Wang Yimin pointed out that the eleventh session of the MBA Federation successfully completed the work assigned by the MBA Education Center, organize rich and colorful activities of students, promote the business value creation spirit, enhance the cohesion of the teachers and students of Shandong University MBA. With the doubling and expansion of MBA students in 2017, the twelfth MBA Federation stands at a new historical starting point, the greater the platform, the greater the responsibility. The new session of the Federation to uphold the selfless dedication of the mind, the fine tradition inheritance Federation of Shandong University MBA, further improve the degree of integration and MBA resources, Shandong University MBA brand go out and play a greater social value.

Eleventh MBA Sun Zhengwen, President of the Federation of the twelfth session of the MBA Federation President Liu Feng, respectively, during the tenure of the work and future work, do the touching and debriefing has been ebullience planning, teachers and students alike.

(Wen / Bai Jie Graph / Wang Haiwei)

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