Creative "team building" course

       December  16, the outdoor temperature of minus 5 degrees, the breeze bursts, but  the winter can not withstand the students fiery heart. On  this day, the enthusiasm of all classmates of Class 2017 MBA7 was  ignited by time-honored projects. The project of unity and mutual  assistance, division of labor and division of labor, fair competition is  the theme of the day's activities. Sweat, hearty laughter and rolling  applause are one day's activities Witness. After  a day of intense study and training, all 7 classmates have successfully  completed the MBA "Team Building" Experience Course. During this  period, we not only enjoyed the wonderful time, but also learned the  class basketball, wine tasting, After class, the centripetal force once again improve, the  cohesion of the team once again sublimation, classmates at the moment as  a tightened steel cord, hand in hand, heart to heart, side by side.
Ingenuity design, colorful projects, well-organized, we  carefully to experience the fun of every part of the team building  course.
Collaborative group, colorful. First  of all warm-up for the day's activities, four teams ingenuity of the  team name: Beyond the team, 95 Supreme Team, Fa Yuen team, Wang fried  team. Each  team's unique exhibition activities to the climax of the event, beyond  the team a "beyond the dream," the moment ignited the audience, 95  Supreme Championship ceremony, from time to time out of the corner of  the "big carrot", "do not grab" "Deep"  narration attracted students laugh, each team has impressive brilliant  performances, each student are immersed in joy, and gradually into the  state.

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