2018 national postgraduate entrance examination Shandong University candidates for the first test where the campus arrangements

All relevant candidates:
In order to facilitate the candidates to take the exam, now 2018  Master's Candidates Entrance Examination Shandong University candidates  for the first test place where the campus arrangements to be announced,  the relevant candidates are required to arrange the examination in  advance related issues.

1. This arrangement is limited to Shandong University candidates for the  test sites (the first four registration number 3751), apply for the  Shandong University candidates to test the location of the candidates by  the selected arrangements.
2.  2018 Shandong University Master Candidates admission exam arranged in  the center of Shandong University Li comprehensive building, public  education building (including Dong Mingzhu Building), Baotu Spring  Campus Tu Dong Lou, Tu Xilou, Qianfoshan Campus South Building, Building  9, Building 10 and Xinglongshan campus teaching group floor, candidates  can check in the annex of this notice where I test the campus (exam  specific building where the candidates will be marked on the admission  ticket).
Shandong University campus specific address:
Center Campus: Jinan City, Shandong Road on the 27th
Baotu Spring Campus: Jinan City Cultural West Road 44
Qianfoshan Campus: 17923, Jingshi Road, Jinan City
Xinglong Mountain Campus: 12550 East Second Ring Road, Jinan City
If the test location changes due to special circumstances, please mark the examination room shall prevail.
3. Candidates for each test examination room changes will occur in the  building, the specific examination room are marked on the admission  ticket, candidates must be the day before the test examination I check  the campus, buildings and classrooms, so as not to delay the  examination.
4. Ticket  admission time: December 14, 2017 -25 days, download URL:  http://yz.chsi.com.cn or http://yz.chsi.cn, candidates must take the  exam to download the admission ticket With a valid ID to take the exam.
I wish the majority of test candidates happy!
Attached: 2018 Master Candidates Entrance Examination Shandong University candidates for the first test campus arrangements

Shandong University graduate admissions office
November 15, 2017

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